Gizmo and Oswald, the resident bunnies at Binky Treats HQ, have been busy coming up with some amazing bargains for you over Black Friday weekend.

July in the UK┬ámeans only one thing: Wimbledon. […]

Summer has officially landed here at the Binky Treats HQ. Warm weather, lots of sunshine and plenty of brilliant offers available throughout the month of June. This month we are focussing our on fruit-based products, so check out our offers this month and grab a bargain!

For this month’s product highlights we’ve focused on toys and boredom breakers to help keep your small pets entertained all day no matter what the spring weather is like.

With the warmer weather we’ve been having recently […]

Easter Bunny is here and has left some great Easter offers for you and your pet to make you smile all month!

So you have decided to keep a house rabbit huh? Welcome to the club! But which rabbit is the best rabbit for keeping indoors? Check out our quick and handy guide for the best indoor rabbit breeds.

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Rabbits vs Guinea Pigs: which is best? Read Our short guide to find out!

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