June Product Highlights – Fruit Special

Summer has officially landed here at the Binky Treats HQ. Warm weather, lots of sunshine and plenty of flopped out bunnies topping up their tan and enjoying the easy life. The weather has been very hot recently in the UK, if you need some advice keeping your bunnies and other small pets cool in this heat, check out our guide to keeping your pet cool.

To celebrate summer and the bounty of treats this time of the year brings from nature, this month we have some great offers on our fruit-based treats. We have some great little treats to give your pets some nice flavour to their diet as well as delivering important vitamins and minerals that they require to stay happy and healthy.

Rosewood Naturals Healthy Fruit Salad – £1.87

Sprinkle a little sunshine into your pet’s day with a touch of fruit salad added to their usual diet. A wonderful mix of carefully dried fruits and vegetables including rosehips, mountain ash berries, leeks and parsnips. Jam-packed with essential vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids and fibre that help your small pet stay healthy.

Buy Rosewood Naturals Healthy Fruit Salad online now

Rosewood Naturals Healthy Fruit Salad

Rosewood Simply Nibbles Tropical Fruit Cushions – £1.30

Crisp and crunchy treat cushions filled with a soft fruity filling, made from cereals and timothy hay. Enriched with vitamins and made with real fruit flavours. Can be fed by hand to encourage the bond between you and your pet, or place a few cushions around their home to create a stimulating challenge. A perfect summer snack for any small pet.

Buy Simply Nibbles Tropical Fruit Cushions online now

Rosewood Simply Nibbles Tropical Fruit Cushions

Nature First Apple and Pear Fruit Mix – £1.80

Nature First’s specially selected Dried Apple and Pear mix provides a fruity and healthy snack for any small animal which helps support their digestive and immune systems. Dried apple is a healthy snack and a real vitamin bomb. Dried with its peel, it contains many of the B vitamins and has a high level of vitamin C which helps support the immune system. In small quantities, dried pear is a healthy snack which helps stimulate and support the digestive system and metabolism. It also boosts the levels of iodine, potassium and magnesium in a pet.

Buy Nature First Apple and Pear Fruit Mix online now

Nature First Apple and Pear Fruit Mix

Nature First Strawberry, Redcurrant and Aronia Berry – £2.30

Nature First’s specially selected Aronia Berries, Redcurrants and Strawberries dried fruit mix is ideal for providing additional vitamins and minerals as well as aiding the digestive system.

A real vitamin snack, dried strawberries are full of vitamin c and a range of B vitamins as well as providing essential support to the digestive system preventing constipation.

Buy Nature First Strawberry, Redcurrant and Aronia Berry online now

Nature First Strawberry, Redcurrant and Aronia Berry

Critter’s Choice Fruit Nibblers – £1.45

Now quite a treat but definitely a fun toy for your little pets to chew and destroy during the hot summer months.

Fruit Nibblers are a great toy for any small pet. Wooden chew toys are essential for promoting natural chewing behaviour, and these brightly coloured shapes will stimulate curiosity. They may be chewed, pushed around, carried or even thrown by larger animals, such as rabbits. Chewing wooden toys prevents boredom and helps to ensure even teeth wear in small pets.

Buy Critter’s Choice Fruit Nibblers online now

Critter's Choice Fruit Nibblers

Remember these offers are only available throughout June so if your pet loves any of the treats listed above, this month is the month to grab a great deal on these products.

Don’t forget to leave a review for your favourite items in our shop and let others know why they should buy those products for their pets.

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