May Product Highlights – Boredom Breakers

We’re now into May and we are slowly moving towards those summer months. For this month’s product highlights we’ve focused on toys and boredom breakers to help keep your small pets entertained all day no matter what the spring weather is like. As always we have some great offers available throughout May but be quick as these prices will only be available this month.

Woven Tumblers – £2.00

The Rosewood Naturals Woven Rollers are ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and chinchillas, their size makes them perfect for chewing and tossing! They’re made from materials like palm leaf and abaca,100% natural and are Fair Trade too. Durable yet destructible, they’re sure to capture your pet’s interest and keep boredom at bay! Save almost 20% of the woven tumblers during the whole of May.

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Hay ’n’ Treat Swing – £2.85

The Hay ’n’ Treat swing is a fantastic treat and toy rolled into one! Hang it in your pet’s home to enrich their environment and provide a stimulating challenge. As your pet tries to eat the wonderful meadow hay that coats and fills the parchment tube, they will occasionally release the ‘hidden’ grainless veg and herb drops! Plus the wonderful hazelnut branch helps to wear growing teeth. Great for all small pets! This month we’re taking around 15% off our Hay ’n’ Treat Swing items so May is the month to pick up a bargain on these items.

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Natural Play Ball – Small – £1.80

The Nature First Natural Play Ball is perfect for entertaining any furry little friend and an ideal way to encourage pets to be more active through play. Made from 100% willow, it will help beat boredom and is safe to gnaw and chew, helping to keep your pet’s teeth trim and healthy. Save 10% when you buy this Natural Play Ball throughout May.

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Veg Patch Sackaroo – £2.05

The Rosewood Veg Patch Sackaroo is another treat and toy in one. The jute bag is filled with lush meadow hay and 8 different herbs. Hang it in your pet’s home and watch the fun begin as they try to grab all the tasty treats inside! If they destroy the bag they’ll have had a great time, but if not just refill it with hay or one of their favourite forage mixes and watch the fun begin again! Now with 15% off only for the month of May.

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